Anya & Holly's Spring Break

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Captions by Holly


Sasha helped push Anika's stroller through the airport before we left. 


When we arrived in Florida, we were greeted by Grandma & Grandpa. 


Anya found some of her favorite toys, and immediately felt right at home.

Ah, this is the life . . . sunshine on my back, the ocean out the window, and a small pile of toys.  What more could a baby ask for?


For a few minutes, she even thought the big bed was just for her.

Playing on the Bed

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Anika loved watching the waves from the patio.


Sure, baby Anya is cute, but c'mon!  How often do you get to see baby geckos running around all over the place? 

A sleepy baby on the way  to Fairhope, AL.


She was so happy when we got to the restaurant, that Anya did a little Alabama jig.


Everyone was very proud.

Some may think that I'm a bad mother for ordering Anya this giant margarita, but after all, it was happy hour . . . 

(and the laws about legal age are A LOT different in the deep south)

Anya wondered what we'd do next.


The next morning was warm and sunny, so Anika insisted on eating breakfast in the nude.

We made her get dressed to go for a walk around the resort.

The Beach Club was packed with pretty flowers and palm trees.

There were even ponds filled with turtles.

At the end of the walk was a yummy ice cream parlor, which Anika loved.

Fountains and ice cream . . . HOORAY!

Anya poses before the long arduous hike back to the condo.  (The stroll to the ice cream parlor was actually the hardest work I had to do all week!) 

On the patio again . . . The next day, our field trip was a pretty drive through the country to a special place . . .  


where they make the world's most delicious strawberry shortcake!  Yum!

This is where you could find us most of the day, every day.


I think that we'll have to start calling Grandma 'peeky'.

Pony Girl

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While I played Yahtzee, Anya called Daddy and Sasha to say hi.

After getting absolutely trounced in our Yahtzee game, Mom and Dad still manage half-hearted, fake smiles for my camera.

Grandpa learns about Anya's powerful left jab the hard way.

Grandma nervously holds the baby a few inches away, and keeps a closer eye on her.

Anya's very first time on the beach.


Her first steps in the sand . . . 

Sand Walking 1

Sand Walking 2

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Baby Anya LOVES the feel of the sand on her toes.


Spring Break on the Gulf Coast.

 Anika played on the floor at the Atlanta airport during our 5 1/2 hour layover.  She actually traveled surprisingly well for an eight month old!


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