Sasha & Alan's Spring Break

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We dropped Mommy and Anya at the airport for their Alabama/Florida vacation and the next day Sasha and Daddy went bike riding at the park.

It was a super nice day.  Alan got sunburned!


Sasha and about 1000 other kids spent the day on the playground.

Sasha's big enough this year to do more of the obstacles.

Down, down, down...

Up, up, up...

Swing, swing, swing...


Slide, slide.....



Daddy / Daughter All You Can Eat Seafood at Captain Georges!

Sasha had a week of "Fun Days" at school.  This was her outfit and hair for "Silly Day!"

On the last night of Spring Break before Mommy and Anya got home Sasha & MaKenzie went to Chuck-E-Cheese.


They played all the games.


Won a bunch of prize tickets.


Rode all the rides.

Including this new awesome motion ride!

And the horse racing ride.

It's just like having your own pony Sasha, really....  I swear!

More little ponies to ride.


One last ride with the mouse of the house.


Mommy brought home presents!

It's good to have a little sister to play with again.


Now my little bear has a place to sit!

Back in the swing of things.

Anika plays with one of Uncle Beans old hats from when he was a kid.

Better not let Uncle Beans see that you stole his favorite hat Anya!


Keep watching your back baby, he'll be coming for that hat one day.


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