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Big sister Sasha shows little sister Anya what summer is all about.


Scooting is always fun

Scoot for Trash!

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Crawling up on the couch for summer siestas is nice too.

Washing Mommy's car.

Watching Mommy's car get washed. 


Laundry basket loonies


Pizza Pi at the beach.


Playing at the beach playground.

Sunny beach days with Mommy.

Holly and Michelle take the kids to The Jumpin' Monkey for Friday Fun-Day!

Carter needed a jump and a push, Anya put him back on the road.


Sasha & Makenzie are the Princess Twins of the castle.


Carter sweeps up after Makenzie in the Bat Mobile.

Sasha & Makenzie at the Mt. Trashmore Summer carnival.


Ridin' the rides!


Sasha & Makenzie look like they're ready to hurl on this one.  But the carousel gets things back on track.


 From the top of the Ferris Wheel we can see all over town!

Anya loves to finally eat real food.

Especially Cheerios!

Anya grabs her purse and heads out for a day in the city.


Anya is super excited about her first ride in the car in a big-girl front facing car seat!


Father's Day!


First some Mexican food.

Then off to the park.

Anya can slide and swing all by herself!

Anika slides!

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Cards and Good & Fruity candy for Daddy!

And Sasha brings some Twix!


Sasha nerds-out in Daddy's glasses and some skater duds.  She looks kinda like Rivers Cuomo from Weezer.


Laundry basket rides.



Looking out the window on a summer morning.


Another Friday Fun-Day.


This time the Botanical Garden

To see all the pretty summer flowers.

And play at the water park.

Sasha shows Anya all around the fountains.

Even though the water is only about 2 inches at the deepest point, Sasha keeps her goggles on "just in case".

Carter helps Anya get dry.

It's been a fun summer so far.  Coming next, the big summer vacation to Michigan!


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