Dancing Through the Rest of July

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Sasha performs a "Rock-N-Roll" dance show.

She was going to do a princess ballet, but then changed the show at the last minute, including her wardrobe to the jeans an tee shirt "rock clothes."


Cool up-beaming sunset

Sasha's local birthday party over at Makenzie's house.  Cake by Michelle.

Sasha opens her presents, including the new "bath-tub boat" that was at the top of her list.


Carter helps with the present opening.

Sasha blows out the candles while Anya opens her presents.

Anika is cruising all over the place.  She will be walking and running a few weeks after this picture was taken.


It was Sasha's 5th birthday, but also Holly & Alan's 15 anniversary.


Holly opens her card...

...And then gets an authentic 1957 rotary dial, bell ring telephone.  She's been saying she wanted one of these for the last 20 years.


Anya loves the rocking horse.

Sisters hanging out together watching cartoons.

It's been a happy fun summer!

A sunny day running the hill at Mt. Trashmore.

This was one of Anya's first times on the hill.


She loved tearing up the grass and scooting around while Sasha ran up and down and all around her.

Too steep for walking...  better scoot.

Some upstairs, after bath, before bed, dancing.


Dancing Kids Video

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