Halloween 2009

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Here we are starting Halloween 2009 at the Downtown Portsmouth Trick or Treat.


The princess and the bunny.

The next day we went to the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk

For their Halloween festival


Fancy pumpkin carving and games

Anya cheers while Sasha plays the musical pumpkins game

Sasha decorates a baby pumpkin and gets some treats

This guy is crazy awesome at making balloon animals.

Anya was super excited to get on after she saw Sasha's giant flower.

She likes the pink bunny he made for her.


One more picture before we left the museum.

That night we went Trunk or Treating

Hanna Montana (Makenzie) was there with her pet monkey (Carter)


Pop Princess


Dylan's back in town to do some hunting for candy.

Pony rides!

Pony rides for everybody!

Picking pumpkins at the farmers market the day before Halloween.

Halloween day it was about 83 degrees so we carved the pumpkins out in the back yard.

Anya enjoyed the summer warm weather and played in the backyard


She made her way up down and around all the slides.


Hurray for slides!


Sasha takes a break from gutting pumpkins to show me how she does jumping jacks at school.

Sasha draws up designs for me to use for her Spider Pumpkin.


The finished pumpkin products

All dressed up and ready for the big night.


Halloween is finally here little bunny and pretty princess.


Ready to go trick or treating Sasha?

Wait!  Wait for me!


Anya stays home with mommy to hand out treats to the kids.


And run around the yard like a wild and crazy bunny.


Sasha back home with all her loot.


Now that, was a super fun Halloween!  Lets eat!


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