Gymnastics Class

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Anika shows off some of her walking skills before Sasha's Gymnastics recital.

All Sasha's fans were in attendence.  Anya, Carter, Michelle, Mommy, Daddy...


...and Makenzie!


Anya has a few fans as well.


Sasha's gymnastics teachers introduce the class.

Sasha starts off toward the uneven bars.

She does some dangling and swinging.

As well as some more difficult tricks.


Her bottom-side dismount is her signature move.

Sasha moves on to some floor exercises.


Anya marvels at her extension and technique.


On the balance beam, Sasha is a pro.


She walks the whole length and does some dips and spins along the way.

Anya tensely watches to see if she sticks the dismount.


After the exhibition, Sasha shows Makenzie the Little Gym.

 Makenzie shows off some of her advanced inverted dangling skills.

Some ring-swing.

At the end of the recital, the medals are handed out.

Sasha and her class all take the Gold!


Anya shows off some of her new crawling skills.


Daddy helps her onto the short balance beam.


Perhaps we have another little gymnast in the family?


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