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The Easter Bunny came in a BIG way this year.

Sasha and Anya had a ton of baskets, toys and candy to find

 Anya likes to sample everything as she finds it...

...Even if it's just a plastic egg.

 Sasha poses near a huge cache of presents.

More eggs, more candy.


The perspective of this first pic makes it look like the peanut butter eggs (wrapped in yellow) are bigger than Anya.


Sasha reads her cards.

Then opens all her presents.


 Anya reads her cards and watches Sasha open her presents for her.

Then everyone eats candy!

Finally it's time for hugs with the Giant Easter Bunny

Thank You Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans for co-sponsoring Easter 2009.

Thanks also to co-sponsors Grandma & Grandpa Fisher.

The girls has a super fun morning.


It was a fun-filled Easter!

Later in the day, Sasha & MaKenzie head over to Hunt Club Farms for the Easter Festival.


First the Egg Hunt.


I forgot to have Sasha bring a basket so she had to collect her eggs in a shopping bag.

But it didn't matter when it came time crack the eggs and get her prizes.


Then it was time for the bouncers and inflatables.

Obstacle courses and slides.


Sasha and MaKenzie love these things.  

They would spend the whole day playing on these if they could.


Easter Hay-Ride.


Time to pet the animals.  Horses, Llamas...

....baby goats.  Bill shows off his log balancing skills.

MaKenzie helps Sasha down the log too!

Happy Easter 2009!


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