Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans House

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As soon as we get to Beans and Dawn's house Sasha gets to live one of her lifelong dreams.

Whenever we go to pawnshops they often have drum kits set up and Sasha goes crazy on them.

But Uncle Beans actually got her some nice new drumsticks so now she can really play!

She would probably just sit down here all night and bang away if we let her.

Uncle Beans and Sasha play a drum duet!

Alan does his Phil Collins impression (including the haircut!), as Sasha jams on a Uke.

Upstairs it's present time again!

Uncle Beans excitedly "helps" Sasha open her new legos.

Beans gets to re-live Christmas 1979.

Everybody gets on their PJs and cuddles with Aunt Dawn.

Sasha finds a new use for Aunt Dawn's big footrest pillow.  This mid air jump was repeated about 80 more times.

Even Anya got in a few jumps.  Eventually they all passed out from exhaustion.

At the hotel on the way home.  That sure was a fun Christmas!  We'll see you all next year!


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