After Christmas

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Christmas is over but everybody can't stop hugging Anika.  Sasha watches Spider-Pig.

Holly polishes off the last of the Christmas Cookies.

Its cold outside, but in the house the children all huddle in front of the warm, reassuring glow of the giant TV.  Mmmmmmm....TV.

Jeff pretends to be eating and then resumes rummaging around in the ladies purses.


Sasha gets one more present.  A Tinkerbell Teaset from Aunt Mary.   Hurray!

Playing with the Fisher Family Heirloom Dollhouses.

Anika laid an egg that looked just like Jeff's head.

Holly continues taking mug shots of everyone in the family for Anya.

Make sure you learn who all these people are....

...Next Christmas there will be a test.

A nice picture of Grandma & Grandpa

Mark sneaks around with Anika.

Grandpa does some lap duty.


The Krazy Kousins!


Throwin' up their gang signs

All 7 cousins.  This picture only took about 400 shots to get right.


Aunt Mary opens some of her presents with Pompa.

Dad finally gets a brand new car for his birthday.  
Plus some jelly and a book that will help him finally find one of those agates he's been looking for his entire life.

Sasha wrapped her cousins bra around her neck and said "look, I'm a mommy!"
Then she was hugged from behind by Edward Cullen.


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