Christmas Morning

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Santa delivers the goods.

Sasha runs for the stash with her name on it.

After a quick visual inventory, she moves over to check out what Anya got.

Sleepy baby.  Unable to wake up, Anika misses the first moments of Christmas.

Finally we get her up and she starts playing with her toys.

Sasha gets her Wall-E toys!


 Anika is having fun now!

More presents, more, more MORE!

Not a present, but this spatula was Anika's favorite "toy" over the holiday.   Sylvia approves of her new sleeping bag.

The kids remember they get stockings too!

Anika has no idea what a stocking is, but Sasha starts to unload hers immediately.

A new DVD and lots of candy!  Santa knows her well.


Lucy makes tea and Anika tries some new chew toys.

More presents, more pictures.

Anika has lots of fun watching everyone open everything.  She'll be all ready for next year.

Sylvia models more new PJ's.


There's even a few presents for the grown-ups!

Grandpa gets a giant book with old maps of the world and Grandma gets a few 1000 recipes.

You might be a redneck if...  for Christmas you get a beer, a lottery ticket and some pretzels.

Everybody gets a stocking full of fun stuff.

That was a super fun Christmas morning.  Now lets see what the rest of the day has for us!


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