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We arrive at the Fisher compound.


Grandma & Grandpa choose their babies 
and immediately set up the cage for the "last official Fisher Family No Holds Barred Baby Fight Death Match"


It's Pompa's favorite family tradition.  He puts "10 bucks on the smiley one!"

Before we can even start the fight, Lucy immediately goes for the throat.  Anya answers back with a throat punch of her own.

Holly and Sylvie caught in the frenzy and excitement of the fight.

The fight ends and Grandma's baby fighter wins.


Anya is then passed around the room to be admired.


Sasha and Sylvia missed the whole match because they were upstairs trying to finish the last book in the Twilight series.


Anika meets her aunts, uncles and cousins fore the first time!

The Rowlands arrive.   Tess, recently released from a mental hospital,  immediately kills Holly and Anika with a battle axe.


Then she parades around the house claiming that she's "The King."

And finally loses all grasp on reality and insists that "we are all under the spell of the Fairy Princess" or something.  
We had mostly stopped paying attention by now.

Anya comes to our traditional Holiday lunch with Johnny and Andrea.  

They spiked our drinks, grabbed the baby and we never saw Anya again....


...Until the next day, when we found her at the Rowland House.
Sasha and Anna "Twin it up" and left to go film a beer commercial.


Pictures of Sasha and Sylvia playing it straight.


Then for some reason, while I was watching a surf documentary, a spinning dance party breaks out.
Holly wanted her picture taken with Mark, a former "spinning dance champion".

Sasha gets geared up in one of Sylvie's old snow suits for some Michigan Snow.

It was pretty deep.  Sasha kept getting stuck just trying to walk in it.
I think this might be why we remember winters as "having more snow" when we were little.  If you're only 3 feet tall the snow is up to your waist!

She also climbed up in this playhouse and had to be rescued from there too.

Pelting Daddy with snow.  Another annual tradition.

Everyone sits down for one of the many spaghetti feasts that week.

Sasha says "Cool with me, all I like to eat is spaghetti anyway!"


But it's even more fun to watch the babies eat.

Holly takes a picture of Sasha with her clean plate to prove that we do, in fact, feed her occasionally.

Tummies full, now it's time for cuddling with Grandma.


Forever chained to the kitchen island, Angela is forced to churn out a steady stream of cookies all week long

Decorating cookies is done by the other women-folk.


...and Mark, who stumbles into the kitchen and drunkenly decorates an upside down angel to look like an owl.


Angela brings another batch to the table and the girls wonder where the last 17 hours of their lives went. 

Sasha and Sylvia finally meet their quota and are allowed to go to bed for the night.

But first they get to open one special pre-Christmas present.

New PJ's!  (So they don't embarrass themselves in front of Santa in the tattered rags they usually wear to bed.)


Sasha models her new robe for Daddy and Anya.

Anya has no idea who these people are or what's going on but she has fun and rolls with it.


Mark started crying that "the other kids get to open a present!  I want one too!" so Angela let him open some PJ's as well.


Now that they all had their PJ's, Mark insists that we take a picture of them "with" the PJs.

Before bed the Fisher's request "one picture without all those lousy Wisemans in it."

The kids take one last peek out the window to look for Santa before going to bed.


 Everything is ready now.  Santa can now come and fill this cold humorless house with joy!


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