August at the Beach

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Hey Sasha and Anika, wanna go to the East Coast Surfing Championships with Daddy?

We got there just in time to see the little Grommets ride.


The Daddys push the little ones like this girl in the first picture into the waves and they ride in to shore.


 Sasha & Anya cheer on the little surfers.  Look at this little dude in the bottom corner of the second picture.

Little kids ride the waves while Sasha rocks the surf style on shore.

 The pro division was going on at the same time over by the jetty.  Check this guy out.  He was awesome.

That second pic above wasn't a wipeout, he rode that wave all the way.

Over at the 1/2 Pipe bikers and skateboarders were getting crazy high air.

This guy was way up there.

Sasha likes watching the skate-rats.

 All the beach kids were out at the swag tents getting all the free promotional stickers, hats, t-shirts, posters, etc.


Sasha got a super-cool body tag over at the Lost tents.  They were spray painting stencils on all the kids.

Here's Sasha at the auction tents with a Tony Alva autographed deck and some Christian Hosoi Vans.

 Showing off her arm tag while waiting to win a t-shirt from Coastal Edge.

Sasha was a wind blown beach cutie.

Back at home Anika gives wagon tours of the house.


Sasha gives a more high speed extreme ride.

I finally got the whole family down to the beach to go swimming.


Anya eyes the surf.

Ready to go swimming baby?  Guess not.

She was really scared of the waves and the water.


She eventually was able to stand and hold my hand as the waves lapped at her toes.


But that was about it.

I guess we'll have to wait and try again next summer.


Holly's game though.  Here she is getting back from a quick Boogie Boarding.


Sasha and Anya refused to swim again this year.  Holly and I went to the beach by ourselves a couple weeks later.  
It was super fun.  They don't know what they're missing.

Sasha is getting really excited to start kindergarten.  Wearing her backpack to the babysitters is like practice.


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