Alan's Birthday

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My birthday weekend started off with Anya and Sasha rolling around the livingroom.

Screaming and singing Happy Birthday Daddy!


Anya got all Punked-Up and wanted to hit the town....


....But I decided we'd just have a quiet weekend at home and maybe go play at the park.

Anya's almost crawling, so leaving her alone in the chair is kinda dangerous now.


At any moment she might happily throw herself over the edge.


Sasha got a new bike with training wheels.  So we took it to City Park where they have a trail through the woods.

She's doing pretty good.  Hopefully she'll get fast enough over the summer so I can ride my bike with her.

Sasha's First Bike Ride

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 I love that Sasha's bike is named "Butterfly Summer" and is really girly, and then she wears her cool black Ratbones skate helmet.

Like her sister, Anya LOVES to swing.

She was also fascinated by everything in the park and all the kids.

Especially the trees.  When the wind would blow through the leaves and sway the branches she would stop and look up in amazement.


Sasha dug for treasure in the sand box.....

.....While Anika and I cheered her on from the sidelines.


Back at home the next day we played out in the yard.

Anya loved it when I would shake the flowers from the tree and they would rain down on her and Mommy.

Meanwhile at the Pepsi plant in Lansing, winter in Michigan passes the halfway point.  Only 3 or 4 more months till summer!  Hang in there!


Sasha and Anya suit up for a bike and stroller ride to the neighborhood park down the street.

Sasha and Holly make Alan's favorite cupcakes for the birthday cupcake party.

Happy birthday to Daddy!  Hurray!  Anya gets hypnotized by the candle.


If Anya looks a little red it's because we got sunburned at the park earlier today. 


Presents for "Daddy".  Pixy stix and a Littlest Pet Shop Turtle.

Sasha checks out the present she got "me" and Anya starts eating my giftbag when I'm not looking.


Anya decides she'll be keeping the giftbag.

Thanks for the great birthday little family!  It was a superfun weekend!


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