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I didn't take a picture of it, but when we were on vacation in Alabama, a storm blew our fence down.
I had been talking about building a new fence since we moved in but now nature had made the decision for me.

I enlisted Steve, our neighbor, and master builder, to head up the project.
Take a look at the perfect alignment of these fence posts in the second shot.  That took hours to accomplish!
You can see the old fence that went from the back corner of the house to the corner of the old shed.  
This new fence was going to be way bigger.

We had a 2 man gas post hole digger for most of the holes but the ones near the power lines had to be hand dug.
Steve is awesome with a post hole digger.  

Here I am posing with as many tools as possible to create an illusion of construction competence.

Holly came out to take some pictures of us on the day we started adding the cedar slats.


We used this little hand made cross to bless each slat before it was nailed into place.
(Just kidding.  It actually was used to keep each one level to the frame.)

Sasha came out to inspect our progress.  She seemed satisfied so we continued.

We got about half of them up before sundown.


 Soon after Steve finished the fence, and it was time to tear down the old fence and shed.
Steve sawed down some of the support columns the tipped it over (see video clip)

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Demolition Man

The old fence was also cut to pieces and carried away.


The first view of the new big back yard!


Before we put the canopy on the gazebo I decided to wash this algae type film off the back siding.
Holly had been wanting me to do it for years.


Here's a spot after I cleaned it.  I don't know why it grows there and it was harder to scrub off than I anticipated.  It took 2 days!

Then I set up the new gazebo canopy that we had ordered last summer.   
It had arrived just at the end of summer, so we had not had the chance to really enjoy it yet.  
But now with the new big back yard we would all have a great summer under the shade as Sasha and Anika played in the yard...


Then a storm came one day, and as I watched, it picked up the whole gazebo,
steel frame and all, and threw it across the yard where it landed in a crumpled heap.


It tore off the canopy and dragged it along the fence.  There was no way to repair the damage.

I found a nice plastic shed at Home depot soon after the fence was built, but it was expensive.  
So I joined a Home Depot club so that I could get a 10% off coupon.
The stupid coupon never came and after about 8 or 9 weeks I gave up on it.  
I used a friend's military discount so I got my 10% off without the coupon.


I decided to put the shed up near the front of the house in the narrow part of the new yard.
Steve and I built a wood foundation out of old fence posts that he salvaged from another job site.
We dug down a level spot, built the frame and lined the perimeter with quickcrete.

Then covered the frame with plastic and then plywood.
Steve is very
Misophobic.  He thinks everything is covered with germs and won't go outside without protective gear.
(Just kidding.  It was smoky out this day from wildfires in N.C. and he was cutting treated plywood.)

The walls are up and things are clicking together nicely.  Thanks to the perfect foundation!

The finished product.  Here's how it looks from the front of the house.


Sasha and her new monkey take a tour of the new yard.

Sasha runs the fenceline.  There's still some side yard because the city wouldn't let me build out any further.
This second shot is the back run of the fence.


Another view back to front.

Inside the fence, Sasha walks around inspecting the new playground.

Here's the completed shed with all of our stuff now inside it.


Holly and Sasha play some ball.


Here's the back porch, sans gazebo :(  
We'll get another or a table umbrella soon.  It's too hot in the summer here not to have something.

Holly waves from across the wide expanse of the new yard.

We've built a giant backyard cage for the girls to play in.  Now let the games begin!


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