Sophia's Birthday @ Build-A-Bear

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Sophia's Build-a-Bear birthday was Sasha's first Build-a-Bear Experience.

First they pick out their Bear (Sasha picked a Pink and White one)

Then they sing some songs like the Hokey Pokey.

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  1. Hokey Pokey @ Build-A-Bear

Then they take the little Bear Hearts and make wishes on them or something.

Then the bear is stuffed by the Fluff Blowing Machine.

The kids all wait while everyone gets their Fluff Stuff.


Then you give your bear an Air Bath.


Now It's time for names.  Sasha named her bear "Cotton Candy."  
Michelle named hers Carter!

Sasha decided Cotton Candy would be a Ballerina Bear.

Sasha supervises as the girl dresses her bear.

Then they decorate the bear houses.


Then they sing Happy Birthday to Sophia.

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  1. Happy Birthday Build-A-Bear Style


Then they swear an oath to love their bear and to come back and spend 100's of dollars on clothes and other accessories.


Sasha, beaming with pride, strides out of the mall with her Bear in the Box.

Then it's over to Sophia's house for cake and ice cream!


Sasha explains to Sophia that this is her 3rd birthday.

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  1. Happy Birthday Sophia


Cake, Ice Cream, Presents and Teddy Bears!  What a Party!


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