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Aunt Dawn and Uncle Beans got lost on the way down to Virginia.  Anya sat around for about 7 hours waiting for them to arrive.
By the end all she could muster was an halfhearted little wave at the camera.

Sasha tried to console her.  "They'll be here soon baby, don't cry."

First stop...

...Pizza Pi


Anika is so cute, you're sometimes so distracted by her adorable pictures, that you forget she's actually sitting on your lap.

Sasha takes a few shots of Anika too.  Alan tells everyone's fortune at the table using Anika's head.

Uncle Beans teaches Anya about ceilings.

Aunt Dawn bounces little Anika on her knee.

Then shows her around the house.

Sunrise at the beach.

Sasha bounces into the hotel room and wakes up her sleepy Aunt & Uncle.

Sasha tosses a coin in the fountain to kick off Neptune Festival.

The official Neptune castle.


Sasha and her bodyguards head down to see the castles.

This year's castles were not quite as spectacular as usual because with the storms earlier in the week the sculptors only had a day or two to build them.


Beans finds a sandy little buddy.


 Here's a mini version of the castle Obama will build for himself in Washington DC, 
and the Loch Ness Monster enslaved by Neptune to carry a city on it's back.

The Wiseman's House?  Hey!  That's our name!  Heh, heh.  Cool.

Disappointed by this year's castles, Beans whips this one together as he's leaving.

Sasha tests out the new beach playground.


Sand + Playground = FUN!!!!

Festival food.  Yummy, but there would be a horrible price to pay later.


But at this point in the day, everything was still smiles.

 Sasha took pictures as we all struggled to carry her lazy bottom up and down the boardwalk.

Even though as I'm typing this 2 weeks later it's 87 degrees and I'm sweating, 
the weather at the beach was kinda cool during the visit.


But you could still wade in and look at the ocean.  And that's kind of worth it right?

Sasha doesn't care about the weather or the water temperature.

She's all about the sand.


Where there's sand, there's work to be done.

 Life at the beach.  It's pretty nice.


Back at the hotel it's naptime.

 The next morning Beans wakes up at dawn, steadfast in his determination to surf.


He waxes his board.


Heads out to the waves.

Pauses to reconsider.


 Then continues out to have a try at braving the prematurely chilly Fall water.

Back up in the room, Sasha spreads out the beginning of the huge cache of Ponies and Pony swag she got from Aunt Dawn and Uncle Beans.


At the hotel pool Beans strikes a calendar pose.


Uncle Beans tows Sasha around the pool.


He unsuccessfully tries to take a break for a second but Sasha won't stand for it.


So he hands her off to Alan.

Time for some big pushes back and forth in the pool.

Sasha loves this.

Alan pushes hard and almost gets a kick in the face.

Back at the hot tub, Uncle Beans brings her back in for a pit stop.

"I Love You Daddy!" 

Aunt Dawn says goodbye to Peeky.

Plays some pony games with Sasha.

And Uncle Beans leaves us with a classic Kubrick smile.

We had a super fun visit Aunt Dawn and Uncle Beans.  Thanks for the presents!  Come back soon and play with us!

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