Slumber Party!

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MaKenzie and Sasha enlist Alan to tow them up to the park to kick off their slumber party!

Sasha calls this "her" park.

Makenzie and Sasha try to keep away from the photographer.

MaKenzie shows off her balance skills.


Sasha looks up for a pic.

Climbin' kids


A secret tube phone conversation.

MaKenzie tries to get Sasha to climb up too.

Back off paparazzi!

The swings.  Now that's something Sasha likes.

Looks like MaKenzie likes it too!

Up the slide.

Back at home MaKenzie and her robot watch cartoons and eat doughnuts.

Sasha gets comfy for movie time.

Everybody eats pizza and watches Bee Movie.

Then it's time for a bedtime story before bed.

The next morning the girls get the chair rockin'

Sasha and MaKenzie had a great sleepover.  Sasha's already planning the next one.

Sasha tries out her new skates.

The mittens and sweat sleeves are my makeshift pads.  Sasha's neighborhood friends supervise her progress.

Soon she's off and scooting down the road.

Skate on Sashi!

Sasha Skates

Song & Dance for Anika Part 1

Song & Dance for Anika Part 2

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