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I'll give you one guess where we went last weekend.

Sasha scored some prizes at the kid games.

Anika Cheered her on and then an armadillo in a cowboy hat walked by.


The clowns made Sasha this cool duck in the water balloon.

Then it was time for some moon-walkin'

Sasha got video taped for the evening news sitting on the duck bin before the crane lifted and dumped it into the river.
That guy walking up in the background is the sheriff telling us to get out of the way so the crane can lift the ducks.

Up it went and down it dumped.  See video.

Duck Dump

(Windows Media Player or Quicktime Required)

And the ducks are off.  We had the yellow one that's in about 327th place in this picture.


Sasha watches our ducks' progress.

They near the finish line....and we lost.

Anika and Holly try to smile but are disappointed beyond words over the loss.  Sasha buys a duck in a funny hat to raise her spirits.


It was a hard day for all of us.  Alan tries to console Anika as well.

Sasha tried to drown her sorrow in an Italian Ice.

It seemed to work.  And Anika, who has the attention span of a 8 week old, forgets why she was upset and drifts off to sleep.

A soft taco and a moonwalk later and we forget about our loss completely.  
I hope the other 3000 some duck owners are able to cope as well.

Sunset in our back yard.


Holly and Anya come out to see the pretty colors.

Anika often becomes bored when we leave her sitting by herself at the end of the couch for hours on end.
Luckily Sasha sometimes takes it upon herself to amuse her little sister.

ABC's Puppet Show

(Windows Media Player or Quicktime Required)


Other times Anika amuses herself, and on some occasions, us as well.

Here's one of her favorite jokes.  "Hey!  You got the time?  I think my watch stopped."


Then she cracks up laughing when we look to see the watch that isn't there.  

What a funny little family.


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