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I finally upgraded my camera after 4 years.  Here's the first picture - Holly paying for the new camera!

I'm still getting used to all the features so some of the pics might be a little over or under lit.


But the picture quality if 250% better than before.

Anika likes sitting in her Bumbo seat.  It makes her happy.  

She likes sleeping in her bassinette and in Mommy and Daddy's bed too.  This also makes her happy.


Butterflies make Sasha Happy.

One of Sasha's hobbies is "putting her babies to bed."  Anika is shown here on what is the biggest collection of sleeping babies to date.


In addition to the mass-slumber under Anika's blanket, other babies were tucked in all around the room.

Anika appreciates the symmetry of Sasha's obsessive compulsive disorder.

Sasha makes some Easy Mac.

Sasha and Alan get ready for our weekend bike ride to the playground.


Sasha explores the playground.

Sasha and her oddly named baby - "S.R.T. Anika German" - play on the tire swing.

Sasha is finally big enough to play on some of the bigger kid obstacles.

Including the "run through the tires while being chased my a military helicopter challenge."

Also the tire tunnel and the parallel bars.


Anika sleeps bottom up and face down until we roll her over so she can breath again.

Anika's got an "In your face" kind of style.

She likes to crawl up on your tummy and peek around the room.

And if you're really lucky she'll kiss and/or puke on you!  (puke shot not pictured)

Well hello there!

Anika apparently wasn't expecting this picture to be taken.  She had time to pose reflectively for the second one though.

This week we introduced Anika to one of the Exersaucers.

We propped her up with a bunch of blankets and she loved it.

Her favorite is the spinning monkey.

That really makes her happy.

And at the end of the day Sasha has one more little pal to "tuck in."


The new camera takes huge resolution video clips and they're HD widescreen!  So download time might be a little longer.

Blanket Fun 1

Blanket Fun 2

Blanket Fun 3


Sasha Swings

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