Sasha's 4th Birthday

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The Goodie Bags are all ready for the kick-off of Sasha's Dolphin Party


Anika is all dressed and ready.

Sasha waits impatiently for everyone to arrive.

 Carter is ready to party.


Mommy & Daddy & The Birthday Girl


Dylan checks out the dolphin decor.

Sophia finds a Jack-in-the-Box.

Ben takes a turn with Anika.

The girls all head up to play in Sasha's room.

Sasha strikes two of her standard poses at once.  The old hand on chin and the arm behind the head.


Pizza time!


Sasha feeds Grandpa some carrots.

Next the party moves outside for the games.

First some free time in the pool, Megabouncer, Fun-Tunnels, trampoline, slide, playhouse, etc.


Grandma gets Anika duty.

The kids gather up the dolphins for the Big Dolphin Relays!

Alan demonstrates technique and lays out the race track.  Then the race starts and they're off!


Sasha wins the first race.


Bill and Ben take 2nd and 3rd in the second heat.

The Dolphin's Treasure game involved sifting for pennies in the sandbox.


Back inside, everybody finds The Hidden Dolphins.

Then it's present-time!


Holly plays with Sasha's talking Pee Wee and Chairy dolls.


Sasha rocks out on her new Princess Guitar.

Then it was time for the masterpiece cake created by Michelle.


Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday Dear Sasha, Happy Birthday to You!


Sasha decides what part of the cake she wants to eat first.


She tries out one of the little plastic dolphins.

The next day we head out on a Dolphin Cruise around Chesapeake Bay.

Sasha and Kenzie watch the rail for the first sign of Flippers.

Sasha & Daddy head out to sea.

Here's the problem with a dolphin cruise.  There's lots of dolphins but they only pop up to the surface for a few seconds.
I got some good video for next year's DVD, but I couldn't get one picture of a dolphin.

We did get pretty close to a few big tanker ships and I got this shot of Sasha from a Dolphin's point of view.


Jess and Dylan on their first Dolphin Cruise.

Wednesday was Sasha's actual birthday.

She posed in the front yard before we opened the first presents of the day.

Sasha's presents and an Anniversary card and Pixie Lilly for Holly & Alan's 14th Anniversary.

Sasha opens her birthday card.

And a couple presents including her new favorite CD.  They Might Be Giants: Here Come the 1,2,3's.

Holly takes Sasha to see Space Chimps for her birthday at the mall.

Sasha strikes a few poses in the movie theater.

That evening we went out for Sasha's favorite:  Chinese Food.


Anika likes going out to eat too!

The Dynamic Dessert Duo. 

Back at home that night, Sasha opens some more presents from Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman.

Lots of cool art supplies.

And finally, for the grand finale, Sasha opens her big present from Mommy & Daddy.  
Kasey the Kinderbot Learning System.

Sasha loves her new Robot.  It sings, plays games, dances and teaches you about science and Spanish and French and all kinds of other stuff.

Happy 4th Birthday Sasha!

Pizza Party
Sasha's Room 
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