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Sasha and Anika get gitfs in the mail.  Sasha loves getting gifts in the mail!

Sasha eats her first candy apple.  She gives it 5 Stars and a Thumbs Up!


MMMMmmmmmmm.....    Candy Apple.

Sasha makes a friend at the fall carnival at Mt Trashmore.


I can't remember her name, but she adopted Sasha and wanted to go on every ride with her.


They waited in line together and rode all the rides that Sasha was tall enough to go on.

It was cool because this carnival has a lot of kid rides that I couldn't go on with her.


So she had a ride buddy for the night.


For her last ride though she went solo with ducky.  (She's holding the little duck in her hand)

Anika on the bed for more photographer quality shots.

What a smiley baby.

I like how the light from the window reflects in her eyes.

We think her little tongue curl is cute too!  Here she is trying to get at my ice tea.

Sasha uses her Polly Pocket dolls to put on a little cribside show.

Anika does a little light reading in the afternoon.

Messy head Sasha.


On Sundays Anika likes to sit around and snap her fingers to the smooth sounds of the NPR Afternoon Jazz Explosion.

Anika sees Sasha heading her way.

Then it's back to the Jazz.

Sasha waits in line for the hayride at the Hunt Club Harvest Festival.

Sasha really loves hayrides for some reason.

Hayrides and Cheese Fries.

Sasha's first time riding a Matter Horn-like Roller Coaster.  It was really really fast!

She piloted a helicopter and we went down the slide a couple times together.  Daddy's massive weight makes the slide super fast too!

The spinning monkey ride is one of Sasha's annual favorites.

And of course the pony ride.


She was disappointed because she had to ride "Little Joe" instead of "Cinderella."

At the haystack.  Sasha LOVES the haystack!

It's almost impossible to drag her out of it.

Unless she sees a giant inflatable bouncing caterpillar!

A Huge Megabouncer is always fun too!


This inflatable obstacle course was really fun.

Sasha made it through a few times with no trouble.

This was good practice.  In the next set of pics, for Halloween, Sasha climbs one of these that is 2 stories tall!

She's pretty fearless on an inflatable.

Driving the tractor is always a must.

So is chasing exotic birds and riding the big slide.

Then it's back to the haystack.

And over to pet some baby goats.

And look at some baby ducks.


No carnival is complete without the cotton candy.

Sasha waits on Monday by the door for Michelle to come pick her up for school.


Anya & Sasha - Cool Kids


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Dragon Ride

Fire Engine Ride

Matterhorn Ride

Helicopter Ride

Pony Ride

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