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Sasha and Anya wait in line to see Santa


Sasha tries to remember the 15,000 or so things on her Christmas List


Anya gets a peek at Santa and gets super excited.  Holly tries to loosen her up before the big moment.


She can't wait to see Santa!  "Mommy is it our turn now?  Can I see Him?"

 Finally....    Sasha, Anika and Santa..... Together at last!


So now Santa's been briefed.  Lets see if he can deliver.


Back home Sasha and Anya help assemble the Christmas tree.


Anika actually just watched Christmas specials while Sasha and I did all the work.


She's such a lazy baby.

Here's what happens when Sasha is left unattended for 2 minutes with a sheet of stickers.

Michelle, Bill and MaKenzie invited us over for Thanksgiving this year.

Anika had her first big play day with some of the little guys.

Carter showed off his sweet ride.

Sasha and MaKenzie sample everything on the veggie tray.

Carter shows Anika more of the features under the hood. 

Sasha and MaKenzie build some block stacks while Dylan tries to swipe them.

Holly finally drags Anika away from the car.  The kid's a real gear-head.

Presley poses for a picture.

Michelle gets everything ready for dinner.

After we eat, Holly gets a lapful of little boys.

Bill gives Anika a lift.

Sasha is proud of the block stack, but then pie is announced.

Everything stops for pie.

Anya and Homer have a stare-down.


Holly and Sashi decorate the tree while Anika and her Elf-friend supervise.


Holly likes to get everything on there just right.


Alan pretends to help decorate too!


Sasha sits under the tree and says she's not moving until Santa comes and makes her.

Mommy's decision to make cookies gets Sasha out from under the tree.


I can't remember what these cookies are called.  

They're like little rainbow blobs and they're fun to make!

Sasha and Holly do some good blobbin'

Anika has no idea what's going on, but it involves pretty colors so she likes it.

We have to keep holding her back.  She really wants a cookie.

Anika either wants to try Sasha's cookie, or she was placing a curse on me.  It's probably one or the other.


Sasha opens the Christmas care package from Grandma & Grandpa Fisher.  Hurray!

Although neither Holly nor Alan can ice skate, we felt compelled to take Sasha, so she could use the free pass she won at Halloween.


 Anika is too little to skate so she had to just watch from her stroller.

Sasha and Alan get laced up.

We take to the rink with the grace of an Olympic pairs duo.


 Sasha is shaky at first but by the second lap she gets the hang of it.

Unfortunately the second lap was also the last, because Sasha didn't really like ice skating.

But she said she'd like to come back and try again when she gets older.  Like 5 or 6 or something.


Anika continues her day of watching other people have fun while Mommy and Sashi ride the Hampton Carousel.

Sasha's never rode this one before.  It's pretty nice.

She had a good time.

Finally, we ended our day in Hampton by watching the decorated boat cruise.

People decorate their yachts and parade up and down the river.  This one had Santa at the helm!

 Anika freaked out for a second when we told her that the youngest baby in the crowd would be "given" to Santa to become a forced-labor elf.
She was relieved when she found out we were kidding.

Some of the boats went all out with the decorations.


Sasha got bored and started making crazy faces.

I was paying too much attention to the boats and too little attention to her apparently.

Next up.....  Christmas! 


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