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Peeky does the twist!


We are beginning to think that Anika might be the happiest baby in history.


Sasha dashes through the house and swipes Daddy's drink.


Another stoic and somber picture of Anika.

A Pile of Sisters


Sasha buys a Polly Pocket water slide with her Robot costume prize winnings.  
Sasha plays "the baby."

Election party!

Sasha gets more excited as the night goes on.

We won!  We Won!  Hurray!  Sasha fills in her election map as the States come back to the light from the dark side.

Peeky is excited too, but she doesn't know why.  At the end of the night we ate the Victory Cake.

Anya's first ride on a swing.

This was an unplanned trip to the park and my emergency camera only took a few pictures before the battery ran out.
Normally an "event" like this would get it's own picture spread.

Sashi, Mommy and Anika take a few trips to the mall for lunch.


Anya has a "finger sandwich", Sasha has "girl-ed cheese"


Peeky loves her bouncer.


Even though sometimes she just likes to sit in it and stare at you.

Lunch at the Tea Room

Sasha invites Mommy, MaKenzie and Michelle to Sesame Street Live.

Sasha uses the First Place tickets she won for Halloween at the Air & Space Museum.

They arrive at the Convocation Center in Norfolk for the big show.


Elmo's Green Thumb was the name of the show.

Everybody liked the show


The show spills out into the crowd.

Big Bird does a solo.

They had pretty good seats.  Really close to the stage.

Sasha's first "theater" experience.

Peeky does her squinty-eyed George Bush impression.  "I'm Emperor of this counter.  Heh heh heh!  

Sasha goes bowling for the first time.


We put the bumpers up so her 1-2 mile per hour ball speed always made it down the lane, eventually.


She did pretty good actually.  It wasn't until about the 5th frame when we figured her best toss style was from the hip.


Here's a split that only Sasha could leave.  
The ball has to be going so slow that it hits only the front pins and then just falls to the side, leaving all the back pins standing.


You can see by the scoreboard that Alan bowled terrible, but by the end Sasha was chucking the ball at almost 20 miles per hour!


Anya takes a nap in Sasha's bed, then wakes up for some Tummy Time!

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Obama Bounce 1

Obama Bounce 2

Obama Cake

Sesame Street Live 1

Sesame Street Live 2

Sasha Bowling

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