Summer Begins

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Summer starts with a Gondola ride on the inlet.

Michelle, Carter, Sasha & Bill get their picture snapped by MaKenzie from the seat opposite.

Sasha gets to participate in one of MaKenzie's Kindergarten field trips to the farmers market.

Mother's Day.  Mommy Holly gets an extra card this year from Anika who pokes and kicks until breakfast is served.


Sasha displays all the mothers day crafts that she made at school all week.

Kite flying on a windy day atop Mt. Trashmore.


Sasha's becoming quite a little Kite Enthusiast


She's got a good short game.   (She's good at flying kites about 3-5 feet off the ground.)


The kites we were using this day were a little too flimsy for the wind so we couldn't really get them up high.


 But Sasha didn't care.  She ran all over the hill with this one.

Sasha and I were at a gas station when we found this field of flowers next door.


Sasha can't resist a field of flowers.


Here's a shot of us in the reflection of a store window while shopping for a dresser for Anika.

After a unsuccessful dresser search we stopped for Nachos and play at the Chesapeake Fun Forrest.


Sasha took this picture of me.  She's getting pretty good with the camera.


At the archeological sand pit Sasha's double shovel technique gets the job done, but makes it hard for the other kids to work anywhere near her.

Later that day it was story-time with Curious George at the bookstore.

George and the children listened while the lady read stories.  George was a good little monkey.

Sasha was a good little monkey too, so George patted her head.

Sasha finally got to meet and hug one of her favorite movie stars!

Here's a few of pictures of Sasha before school on morning.

This was a few days before her first haircut of summer!

Mommy and Sasha go out for a haircut, lunch and fun at the library.


Sasha picks flowers and then takes them for a ride down the slide.


And finally Dairy Queen.  Now that tastes like summer!


A Picnic at City View park.


It's fun to eat outside!


Holly was in charge of photos today.  This self portrait makes sure she gets some coverage too!

Alan and Sasha emerge from the woods after a short hike off-trail.



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