The Rest of June

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Sasha got a new Bikini for summer at the beach and the pool.

Here she is doing the Hula.


And here is the first dip in the new pool!

She brought her rubber duckies down from the bath tub to play in the pool.

This pool canopy only lasted about 1 day.  
You're supposed to fix the hose to the canopy so it can drizzle down like a rain forest 
but the weight of the canopy alone collapsed the tree trunks after about 30 minutes.

But Sasha doesn't care.  She just loves the pool!

She's been talking about going to the beach for months.  She wanted to ride her "buggy board!"
(So we hoped with her pool playing in Alabama over the Spring she would have overcome her new aversion to the water)

But she didn't want to go in the water at all today.

She was happy enough just playing in the sand.  This is a secret beach access North of the boardwalk.


The waves were too big for her anyway.  They were good surfing waves but not really good for wading.

Sasha shows off some of the little shells she collected for Anika.


Sasha poses for a classic beach pic.

Sasha shows off the new tattoo she got at the pizza place down at the beach.


Sasha takes pictures of Mommy & Daddy.

And Mommy & Daddy take pictures of Sashi.

A pretty pregnant Holly.  We had to get at least 1 big belly shot.


Sasha waters her new flower garden that she planted in the Spring.

Sasha loves to accentuate her dresses with ribbons.


Mommy, Sashi and the new monkey.


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