Mommy Days!

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Holly & Sasha go to the Children's Garden at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.  
Holly found the room that the Kelley's named after her.  That was nice of them, especially since we don't even know who the Kelley's are.


A snuggle on the tram ride to the garden.

Then it's time to play in the fountains!


Although the water is re-filtered through the system all summer long, it's probably safe to drink it early in the year.

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  1. Garden Pool 01

  2. Garden Pool 02

  3. Garden Pool 03

  4. Garden Pool 04

  5. Garden Pool 05

  6. Garden Pool 06

  7. Garden Pool 07


Sitting on the fountain is like a jacuzzi for kids.


The Children's Garden is a fun place to cool down on a hot day.


Sasha feeds her baby pig before she and Mommy go out for afternoon tea.

MaKenzie and Michelle attend high tea today as well.


Sasah coyly looks into the Koi pond.


MaKenzie shows off the fancy new puppy she got at the tea house gift shop.


Sasha got a little quacky baby ducky.

Pip pip cheerio!  It's Tea Time!

After tea and sandwiches it's time to play!


The girls continue top show off their gift shop bounty.

A quick shot before it's time to go in the afternoon sun of the courtyard.

Mommy took Sasha to the Jumpin' Monkey.

An indoor, inflatable, dress-up kids playland!


Sasha rides the slide.  Weeeeeeeeee!


There's cars to drive here too!

And sometimes, you just dress up like a princess and reflect on how good it is to be a kid. 

"Thanks for taking me to all this fun stuff Mommy!  I LOVE YOU!"


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