Holly's Baby Shower for Anika

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Down here in the South we have baby showers for every baby.  So Holly gets another party!

All the kids were there to play together, for what might be the last time, before Amy, Jason, Emily and Sophia move away.


Sasha had fun swinging with Emily!


Sophia and MaKenzie started blowing bubbles.


Then Sasha had to have bubbles of her own too.  She's like that.

It's a bubble race.  1...2...3... Blow!


The kids all had fun playing outside.  In these pictures, playing in this backyard, are every single friend Sasha has. 

It was our last big everyone we know in Virginia Blow-out!

We all had tons of fun.  Thanks for Hosting Amy and Organizing Michelle & Jess!


Look at the yummy spread of food!


And the presents.  Holly's favorite hobby is opening presents!


Look at the little tiny baby clothes!  They're so cute!


And a baby Eeyore.   Awwwwwwwwwwwww!

Holly got all kinds of wonderful baby gifts from everybody.  Thank you all so much!


Sasha even got a few presents.  Now that was a fun party!


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