Dylan's Birthday

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It's Dylan's First Birthday Party!

Pizza and Juice boxes for everyone!

Holly and Sasha seem to be the only ones who really really like the traditional birthday hats.

Sophia and Amy watch as Dylan opens his first presents.

Well really Jess opens and Dylan just reacts.


The kind of annoying singing frog is a big hit with the kids until someone thankfully hides it from them.

MaKenzie loves humorous T-Shirts.

Sophia tries to make a break for the birthday swag pile as more toys are unwrapped.


They presents all pass the One Year Old Taste Test.

Dylans Birthday Cupcakes and the Piggy Cake that Michelle made.

Here you go Birthday Boy.  Blow out your candle and dig in!

Dylan starts in on his first cupcake while Sasha impatiently waits for hers.

He makes short work of the cupcake and moves quickly through a slice of Piggy cake.

Happy First Birthday Dylan!  Your party was fun!


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