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Daddy had to "get me out of the house" for a while one Saturday so he took me to this place called Chuck E. Cheese's.

It was one of the coolest places I've ever been.

First, they have Pizza.  And that rocks, but then they have rides!

Crazy weird rides.  This carousel was kinda lame so Daddy took me to the real one later.


I got to drive this truck with Bob the Builder.

And I drove this car all over the place with Chuck.

They had this sweet game where you catch bees in a net and put them in the hive.


I was pretty good at it.  And when you play the games good you get tickets you can exchange for prizes!


I'm also pretty quick on the frog.  Daddy says I gots killah game reflexes (whatever that means.)

Here's me on Lucy at the "real" carousel after we left Mr. Cheese's.
And this second pic is my new nails after my first time getting them done at the salon.  They're Pink!


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