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Sasha begins planning for Halloween every year on November 1st.  
Last November, she decided that this year she wanted to be a robot.  
Sasha has always been somewhat obsessed with Robots. 
 Three months ago I began formulating and researching designs for creating the robot costume.  
Two months ago I began acquiring parts for the robot costume from local thrift and pawn shops. 
Last month I assembled the robot costume and after numerous fittings and test trials finally created a functional design. 

The following pictures and video in no way do justice to the awesomeness of this costume. 
I really wish you could see it in action.  It's so cool!

These were the first fully functional test fittings of the costume.

There were numerous prefittings.


Where I worked out mobility issues and scrapped preliminary designs.

I Sasha!

Anya shows off her Little Bee Costume

She wore this at the Air & Space Museum Halloween party for a few minutes, but it was too hot.


Alan and Sasha get suited up in the lobby.  The costume could not be worn in the car.  Anika witnesses the transformation.


Robot and Robotics Engineer emerge.

Ready for Halloween Party action.


At the Air & Space museum they had all kinds of spooky attractions and candy tables set up.
After an hour of Trick or Treating, the costume contests began.


This was the winner of the 0-2 Age Group.
This woman was horrible.  She complained to admirers about how long and hard she worked on the float.
While we were waiting in line I saw her yelling at and threatening the baby to "hold up your brush!" and "Sit up straight!  This is it!  You're gonna get it!"


Next it was time for Sasha's group. 


The crowd went crazy for Sasha's costume.  
From the moment we got there, people who worked at the museum as well as kids and parents ran up to tell us we were going to win.


Here we are getting called into the "Winner's Circle!"  The crowd burst into screams and applause when she won.
Sasha won 4 Tickets to Sesame Street Live, A Leap Frog Tag Reading System, & a free skating pass to the Hampton Outdoor Skating Rink.


MaKenzie and her friend Charlotte in the 5-7 parade.


Robot Sasha strikes a Robot pose with Holly and Anya after her victory!
Sasha probably had her picture taken by other parents with their kids about 100 times throughout the day.
She was one of the most popular attractions at the museum that day.

Here she is playing afterwards in a flying saucer with MaKenzie, Charlotte and some of her "fans".
She was also interviewed by Dr. Madblood after this.  She was on his TV show here in Hampton Roads on Halloween Night.

Robot Sasha flies the Space Shuttle!

Later she shed her costume so she could do a little "serious playing" before we left the museum.

Everybody had a great time.

Thanks for coming with us MaKenzie and Charlotte!  It was a fun day!

Anika tries on the Pumpkin Suit!

And the Cow Costume.


A Family Favorite!

The next night we went to the big Truck or Treat Party at one of the churches in town.

Sasha was mobbed by fans again while she waited in line for the Trunk or Treating.

Trunk or Treating is when a parking lot full of decorated cars and costumed people hand out candy to the kids as the file by.


Lots of the people took Sasha's picture when she came up to their car for treats.


Some of the cars are super decorated!

This one even had a fake snow machine!


Sasha cautiously approaches the Phantom of the Minivan.

Here she is playing pirate soccer.  Makenzie tries a cotton ball blowing game.


Sasha has more trouble than most of the kids with the doughnut on a string game.

After a few minutes of failure, she gets a little help from the string girl.

MaKenzie takes a bite at it too!


Sasha won Best Home Made Costume at this festival.  She won a Target Gift Card.
This Festival has 4 prizes.  Two are for the kids who go to the Church and the other two are for the local kids like Sasha.
When she won a bunch of kids came over to congratulate her and she did a little Robot Victory Dance.

I couldn't believe Sasha made it up this obstacle.  No kidding, it was like 2 stories high!


Down the slide on the other side and she wanted to "go again!"


Sasha's Weekend Prize Haul.


The proud winner with her loot!


Anika plays in a sunbeam.

"Hey!  Where's that light coming from?  
Probably some sort of radiant star that comprises more than 99 percent of the matter in the solar system about 150 million kilometers away from my room."


Alan took Halloween Friday off so we could carve pumpkins!

Sasha at the farmers market picking out pumpkins.


This was her favorite.  She took it home and cared for it like a baby for a few days.  Tucked it in at night, played with it, etc.

Sasha and her pumpkin pals!

Anya's First Halloween!

Today's the big day!  She looks pretty happy for someone who has no idea what's going on.

Sasha cleans out the pumpkins.


"Touching the goo is icky!"

Sasha and Anika watch the clock, waiting for it to get dark.

The anticipation was almost too much for them.


Finally the pumpkins are lit and Alan and Sasha suit up for some neighborhood Trick or Treating.


Holly and Anya work candy detail at the door.


Anya loves giving candy to the kids!

Sasha goes to the Halloween House!  It's down the block from us and has become an annual tradition.  These people go all out!


Happy Halloween Everyone!

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Robot Greets Grandma & Grandpa Test 1

Robot Greets Grandma & Grandpa Test 2

Robot Greets Grandma & Grandpa Test 3

Robot Soccer

Robot Victory Dance


Trick or Treat

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