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Anika and Sasha patiently wait for the arrival of Grandma & Grandpa

Finally, Grandma & Grandpa arrive with presents and hugs!

 Grandma & Sasha do some chalk art out in front of the house.

Anika relaxes as Sasha moves in to be part of the pictures.

Shake up the Magic 8-Ball Baby Head, "Do I Love My Little Sister?"  My Sources Say Yes!

Grandma & Grandpa get some cuddle-time.

It was a sunny day at the beach even after a storm blew in from the North.


Grandpa tried, but couldn't get his swim shorts up any higher.

Alan and Sasha get covered by and then buried in the sand.

Now remember they say, the camera adds 20-30lbs and removes most of the hair from your head.

Sasha demonstrates the Southern tradition of making "Sand Angels"

Anika, after being shunned and ignored for hours on end, is happy to finally get some attention.


Grandma shows her how to read junk mail and find coupons in the tourist magazines.

Sasha gets to open more presents!  She been practicing like crazy and hopes to make the cut 
to be on the "Present Opening Team" in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

Someone's visiting, we must be at Pizza Pi

Sasha displays her pizza dough blob and Alan feeds Anika some pureed Calzone.

Although she's only 7 weeks old we decided it was time for Anika to get some permanent make up tattooed.  
We decided to go with "Marilyn Manson's Forever Purple" lip stick.
(Actually this was a medicine that stains everything purple, including Alan and Sasha's hands and the carpet in our bedroom.)


A brief walk up and down the boardwalk.


Then back home to play Teddy Bear games with Grandpa.

And Fishing with Grandma.


 Grandpa found babysitting to be easy as long as he held the binky in Anika's mouth the whole time.


Mommy & Sasha are ready to take Grandma out for Fancy Pantsy High Tea.


At some point Sasha saw someone pose for a picture with their hand on their cheek.  Now it's become her signature pose.


This picture was taken just moments before the red eyed vampires attacked from the table behind.

They were lucky to escape with their lives, but paused for a moment to take a few more pictures out in the tea garden.

We had a super fun visit Grandma & Grandpa.  Come back and play with us again!!!


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