Grandma & Grandpa Visit Part 2

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First, a super cute shot of Anika!

And a couple more!

Grandpa is on cuddling duty.

 And a little snuggling too.

Sasha continues her present-a-day from Grandma & Grandpa Birthday extravaganza!

Grandma reads Sasha a story and Anika listens too!

At the hotel Pool it's dolphin fun for everyone!

Pool Kisses
Dolphin Pool Chase

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Sasha does some edge jumping and boating in the family yacht.


Sleepy-Time Sisters

More presents from Grandma & Grandpa!

Anika waits patiently, biding her time, while everybody starts cracking crab at Captain George's.

While Grandma and Grandpa munch away, Anika is almost attacked by a stray crab!

Holly and her babies take a moment for a few pictures.


Back at home it's bath time for baby!

Anika Bath

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Holly's on bath duty for this tubby-time!


 Anika hates her baths at first, then she loves it, then she hates it again.


A big yawn in Grandma's arms and then it's after-bath cuddle time.


All dressed up and unable to go anywhere without assistance.

Sasha puts on her lucky necklace before we head out for Pizza Pi

Daddy applies Sasha's Pi tattoo, now she's officially "cool".

And cute too!  Time for a walk down the boardwalk.


Back home Daddy and Anika play kicky-baby on the couch.


Sasha cradles Anika and sings a song to put her to sleep.


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What a good big sister!


Out in the back yard Sasha digs for treasure left over from her birthday party.


She shows off some of her spokes-model techniques over at the sprinkler.


Sasha loves her Monkey Pool.


And the slide works best when you have a wet bottom!


Sasha's Birthday Cards!


New batteries installed means it's time to rock!

Grandma VanHalen
Sasha VanHalen

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At the Japanese restaurant, everybody watches as the cook cracks an egg on his spatula.
Grandpa is especially impressed.  Ooooooooooooohhhhhhh!


Anika's favorite trick is the Onion Ring Volcano.


Sasha just loves using chop sticks.


Back at Home Sasha, Pee Wee & Chairy relax and watch an episode of Pee Wee's Playhouse!

Time to go.  One last cuddle from Grandma & Grandpa for the kiddies.


It was a great visit.  We had tons of fun.  Come back and play with us soon!


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