A Whole Bunch of Stuff that Happened in February

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Sasha builds then opens the Sasha's Puppet Theatre.  Rehearsals begin immediately.


One of the many times this month that Sasha fell asleep.

Alan and Sasha celebrate Chinese New Year at the Portsmouth Children's Museum.

Sasha was excited to see the traditional Lion Dance which she called the Dragon Dance.


Then she was scared of it.


Then she was interested in it again.

Then it was over and we went to the planetarium.

Sasha sort-of got to fulfill one of her fantasies of riding on a bus.  (It was actually just a life-size replica of part of a bus.)

She also drove a fire engine and a police motorcycle.


Then we were shrunk by the museum's "Wonkavision" and had to wait in this chair 
until the Oompa-Loompas could stretch us back to size in the taffy pulling room.

Sasha tries her hand at some Chinese Calligraphy.  These are her characters for "Happy Sasha"

Unable to read, Sasha bashes away with great enthusiasm.


Finally we left the museum and had some Chinese food to mark the end of our Chinese Celebration.


Sasha falls asleep cuddling Mommy and Anika.

It's early February and 82 degrees outside.  Let's go play at the park!


Nothing's more fun than a late winter romp in a little dress and jacket during sunset at Trashmore.


Sasha's finally big enough to get in and out of this whale by herself!

And she's big enough to bully smaller boys off the 4 wheeler when she wants to ride.


After the long month of winter, it's good to be able to play again!

sasha's become something of a show-off.

This is going to be a big year.  Sasha is gonna "own" this playground this year!

"I'm slidin' here!"



And the beautiful Virginia sunsets remind us that summer is right around the corner.


Sittin' around waiting for the next thing to happen.

And the next thing turns out to be a sleepover with MaKenzie!

MaKenzie joins the Puppet Theatre Company 
Elmo, The Kitty, Cookie Monster, and The Puppy perform the tragedy Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
with Cookie Monster in the titular roleHolly liked it but I found it to be an over ambitious and pretentious production.  
In the second picture you see the famous final scene where Caesar is stricken down.  "Et tu, Puppy?"

The next morning, after the cast party, the living room is trashed and Sasha is found passed out next to a tipped over sippy cup of juicy.

A few days later MaKenzie's Little Brother Carter was born!

Isn't he a cutie!

We wake up early on Valentines Day to run down stairs and see what Cupid left for us in the night!

Goodies and treats!  Hurray!


Toys and flowers and balloons and candy!


And a rubber duckie family!


Sasha gets a card from Mommy & Daddy!


Mommy reads it to her while Sasha tries out her new Princess Wand.


Holly and Alan get cards too!


And finally we get to the all important candy.


Mommy and Sasha go to Norfolk for High Tea at the Painted Lady!


It's the girliest afternoon ever!

Sasha watches The Wizard of Oz for the first time on Alan's new projector and giant screen!


And February nears it's end with a ride on Lucy (Sasha's favorite horse on the carousel at the mall.)

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  1. Carousel


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