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Sasha shows off her cool new outfit for this year's East Coast Surfing Championships.


Sasha and her new beach boyfriend watch the little grommits.

The grommit competition is our favorite.  You get to see the really little kids (some as young as 3 years old.)

Little kids are always great surfers because their body to board ratios make them so buoyant.
I hoped when we went to see them last year, it would get Sasha back in the water, but she's still scared of the ocean for no reason.

But she does like watching the skaters.

Since Sasha got there early we were right up by the barricade.

She was one of the 8 kids (and the only girl) selected for VIP seating inside the barricade right next to the ramp.

That was pretty cool.  The VIPs got their own little director's chairs to sit in.

They also got to experience the high risk thrill of possibly getting winged by a runaway skateboard or bike!


One of the bikers did lose control at one point and hit the brake about a foot before plowing into the VIP kids in the middle.

Sasha had a great time sitting up front and watching the show!

Sashi and Alan had a great time this year at the ECSC.  It was super-cool!


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