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When she's not crying or sleeping, Anika's a super happy and playful baby.

She's always checking everything out.

And smiling.


Here's a perspective shot of how tiny she is.

Here she is sleeping on our computer desk while Daddy works on her website.

Huggy and kissy time with Mommy.

Who's a happy baby?

Look at her!  She's so cute!

Anika's first trip to the park.

Back at home playing with Mommy.  Anika wears her love on her chest.

Sashi and MaKenzie took their families out for Japanese food.

Sasha took these pictues.  She's getting better with the camera.

Everybody watches the chef.


Including Anika!  Sasha focuses on her salad.

Then it's volcano time!  Sasha and Anika both seem to be afraid of fire.


Back home, Anika does some modeling.

Reclining on her boppy.  It's so cute when she snuggles up in there.

Anika and her turtle have a stare-down.  Sasha and her sister are the Lords of the Rings!

Best buddies!

Anika Plays

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