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Sasha and her new little buddy!

Anika offers up her tiny knuckle sandwich threat again.  She's always scrapping for a fight.


We've been calling her "peeky" as a nickname.

She's always looking at everything and trying to figure out what's going on.

Sasha gets in a little play-time at the park. 


After her first trip to a park, Sasha helps Anika with her bath.  

All cleaned and PJ'd and now back to peeking.


Hey, what's that over there?

Anika's 1 Month Birthday Party!  Anika turned 1 month old on 8.8.08.  Cool!

It's hard to believe she's already 1 month old!  It seems like we just met!


Sasha and the 5 and Unders in the Watermelon Seed spitting contest at the Virginia Beach Farmer's Market Watermelon Festival.


Sasha only spit her seed about 39 inches.  The winning kid spit his like 90 inches or something.  Anika slept through the first event.

Sasha still won a pencil and a participant ribbon so she was happy.  Really happy actually!


Then it was time for a pony ride.


Sasha and Jelly Bean are becoming close friends.


Here's Sasha after the watermelon rolling contest.  
I got a bit of video but no pictures because I was across the field feeding Anika a bottle during this competition.


After the Festival we stopped at the Farmer's Market Ice Creamery for some Iced Creams.


Sasha is excited about watching the Olympics.  She loved the gymnastics.


She also loves Cotton Candy, but we all knew that already.

 After we went to see Kung Fu Panda again today, we went to a Children's Festival in downtown Virginia Beach.

We had a caricature done...


And Sasha got her face painted and a balloon animal from a clown that she wasn't related to.


She had a great time this weekend.  We did all kinds of cool stuff!


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