The Whole Month of April

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The month started, as Aprils often do, with Alan's Birthday!

Birthday cupcakes and a big cookie from the neighbor's.


A nice card from Sasha.  That's a picture of Me and Sasha on the card and she wrote her name all by herself!


And this is the Little Mermaid kickball that Sasha got me for my birthday!

And this is the voice activated train set that Sasha got so she could have a present too!

Alan and Sasha went to the International Children's Festival in Hampton.

Here we are watching some Chinese dancers and musicians.

Here's Sasha wearing a pirate hat for some reason.

And getting her passport stamped at the Russia Booth.  The Russian lady liked Sasha's name.
This guy had a monkey that would take money and put it in a little cup.  That seems like a good job.  Maybe I can train Sasha to do that.

Here's some Thai dancers that we watched while we ate lunch.

Apparently many cultures like to string beads.  Sasha made necklaces and bracelet's with Mexicans, Native Americans....

......Greeks and Italians.  I suppose it's good because Sasha loves putting beads on strings.


And everyone in the world loves flowers, right?


Sasha and MaKenzie and Emily all went to the Children's Museum in Portsmouth for National Puppetry Day!
Here's Sasha and MaKenzie taking part in the audience participation portion of the puppet show.

And here she is watching the wizard puppet do his magic.


The children's museum is fun even when it isn't Puppet Day.


This inflatable ball floats on a stream of wind.  
It took Sasha a couple minutes to figure out that if she disrupted the wind current she could get the ball.


Here's MaKenzie and Sasha at one of the Puppet making stations.


Sasha experiences the joy of full body embubbling .  (I just made that word up, it'll cost $2 any time you want to use it.)

The science of sliding.

An experiment in fun!


Rubber boat and motorcycle simulations.


Three little pals in a great big chair.

Sasha drives Bill to the grocery store in a firetruck.

Sasha shops while Emily works checkout.


Sasha hangin' at the mall.

She like to chill with the wee peeps at Sbarro.


"Too many pictures Daddy!"


Sasha runs over to get her Za.

Sasha sometimes works on the weekend at the Farmer's Market in Virginia Beach milking cows.


Child labor laws in Virginia don't apply to farm work so as long as she's having fun we won't tell her how exploited she is.

Next up, the make-a-butterfly station.


The significance of the moth is change. Caterpillar into chrysalis or pupa, from thence into beauty. Our Sasha wants to change, too.

Change into a professional ice cream tester.

Or maybe get a job on the pony riding circuit.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Pony Ride


This pony was named Elmo.  

At Princess Anne Park in Virginia beach Sasha rides the "big kid" swings this year!

She can ride tummy or bottom style.

You know the economy is in the toilet when Alan has to sell his beloved Yakov Smirnoff DVD Collection.
"In America, the peoples is so poor that they have to sell the things they love to makes the money."

Special Delivery.  Sasha's new thing is writing and mailing letters.  Maybe you've received one?

If not I'm sure she'll get around to writing you.  She keeps up a large list of coorespondences.


And we end the month with another Birthday.


This time it's MaKenzie's Gymnastic Birthday.  It starts out with a jump into the foam pit.


Not quite as easy to get out of the pit as might think.

The trampolines are fun.  Sasha used to watch MaKenzie in class but today she gets to play!

Mommy and Sasha stop bouncing for a minute to smile.

The big slide in the Super Mega Bouncer.

Running is part of gymnastics too right?


Balancing is part of the fun too.  Sasha's got balance skills.


The ring swing is a very fun thing! 


And now...  For your amusement.....  Fat Man on Trampoline.


Ounce for Ounce Sasha's got bouncy bounce!


Happy Birthday Dear Kenzie!  Happy Birthday to you!



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