Grandma & Grandpa Meet Anika

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Grandma's got two armfuls of cuteness!


Grandpa put down his Spongebob purse and giant bag of suckers long enough to hold Anika for a few minutes.

Tickling baby feet.

Anika takes a snooze outside in the back yard.

New family in their new back yard!

Smiley Anika and Smiley Holly.

Sasha models her new princess cap for Grandma & Grandpa.

Sasha opens her birthday present from The Rowlands.  A new baby doll and all the stuff to take care of her!

Sasha takes a moment to smell the flowers.

Fishing with Grandma.


Anika waits for her 375th diaper this week.

She's a really really snuggly baby.  She loves to just be held.

And she's very curious about things.  Always looking around trying to figure out what's going on.

Anika Wiggles
Sasha Diapers Doll
Sleepy Anika
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