Anika Week 1

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The routine of having a baby on your lap all the time clicks right back into place.

Sasha wraps up in Mommy's Bath Robe.

Jess, Ben & Dylan stop by with food for all of us and hugs and kisses for Anika. 

Jess plays with Anika and Dylan plays with all the toys he can get his hands on.

After nursing Anika always gets really cuddly.

Anika's first bath at home.

Sasha's 624th bath.

 Two Super-Clean Sisters!

Everyone falls a sleep on Daddy while watching TV.

Anika's first Doctor's appointment.  Everything is going great.  She's really really healthy.


Anika and "Evil Anika" from the mirror universe.

Three little cuties, sitting in a chair....

One little sister, pulled the other's hair.


Sasha waits impatiently for our traditional first week - new baby - Dairy Queen.


Unlike Sasha, when she was a baby, Anika sleeps through her first visit to Dairy Queen.


But Sasha gobbles the ice cream with gusto in her honor.

Today is Anika's 1 Week Birthday!

We have a cake and sing Happy Birthday in the backyard under our new table umbrella.


After too many pictures Sasha dons sunglasses and Anika just begs me to stop.


Back inside for cake time!

Sasha and Holly love their yummy birthday cake.

We offer some to Anika but she'd rather just stick with the binky.


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