Anika Comes Home

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Holly and Anika get dressed.  Today's the day we all go home!


Holly and Anika have a contest to see who can open their eyes the widest.  A "Fisher-Crazy-Eye" Contest!


Anika takes a little snooze while Alan loads up the car.

All strapped in and ready to ride!


Holly gets wheeled downstairs and Anika gets belted into the car for the first time.


Anika's 3 days old.  Time for her first visit to Taco Bell.

Holly had a burrito and Anika had the Nachos Supreme with no meat.

Anika arrives home!


Michelle & Jess came over and decorated the house!  It looked wonderful!

 Look Anika!  All this is for you!

Here's Big Sister and Little Sister Dresses from Michelle.

Anika is overwhelmed by it all and falls fast asleep.


My team at EDS sent this great gift basket and a box of cookies!

Jess & Michelle even left a pile of gifts from Anika to Sasha in her room.

After a big nap, Michelle, Bill, Carter and Sasha arrive!

They bring Holly a gift basket and a home-made Banana Crème Pie (The food Holly was craving all through her diabetic pregnancy)

Sasha discovers a new Fairy Tree playset.


 It's a gift to her from her new baby sister Anika!


 Grandma Wiseman sent some presents too!

Then Sasha discovers the presents up in her room.  Sasha wishes she could have a new baby sister come home every day!


Bill inspects the baby.

Sasha gives kisses to Mommy and Anika.

Sasha gives hugs to Anika and Mommy.

Carter is VERY excited to see Anika and play with some of her toys.

Anika takes a little rest after the visits while Holly, Alan and Sasha eat the delicious dinner that Michelle made for us!


Mary stops by from next door for pie and notices there's a new baby here too!  Sasha is able to do her Scooby puzzle all by herself!

That was a big day.  Time to rest now before a night full of crying and feeding :)


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