Anika Day 2 

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Anika rests while Holly eats lunch.

Holly gets to eat and enjoy her first baked sweet in months!  It's Chocolaty Delicious!


Flowers arrived today from Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman.  They're so beautiful!

Sasha arrives at the hospital.

She checks out the baby aquarium but Anika isn't there.  So we race down the hall to Mommy's room.

"Hi Anika!  It's me Sasha!  Your Big Sister!"

Sasha inspects her new baby sister.

Then it's time for kisses and huggies!

Mommy shows Sasha how to hold Anika.

Sasha immediately starts her new job as babysitter.  She plays some Peek-a-boo with Anika.


It's fun to watch Anika eating.


Daddy and his babies.

Anika gets some Daddy kisses.

She's very alert.  She loves looking right into your face.

What a cute baby!  I think I'll keep her.

Anika starts singing while Sasha tests out the rocking chair.

Time for another nap.

"Hey who's that?  Oh, it's my big sister Sasha!"


Sasha tells us to "be quiet, because Anika is sleeping."

Here's a picture of Anika that Sasha drew at school today.


Holly takes Anika for a walk down the hall at the hospital.

The new Happy Little Family!  Hurray!

Sasha on the way to the hospital

Sasha runs in to hospital to meet Anika 

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