Anika Day 1 

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Holly was geared up and ready to deliver today.  Then the contractions came.

Anika was scheduled to be C-Sectioned out at 12:30pm, but at 5am this morning Holly's water broke and the contractions started.  
She woke me up around 7am and we got to the hospital around 8:45.

I must have gained weight since Sasha was born.  I don't remember my surgical outfit being so snug.

Here's Holly in the operating room.  I have pictures of all the gory details from the other side of the curtain but I'm not gonna post them here.
Here's the first pic of Anika as they start to clean the goop off her.

First layer of goo removed and it's over to the weigh-in.

Then she started choking on the M&M's I was sneaking her when the nurses weren't looking so they had to suck them out with this tube.

OK.  All clean.  Time to get bundled up and it's off to the baby aquarium.

Under the warming lights she's as warm and happy as a fast food cheeseburger.

The warmth starts making her sleepy.

Daddy & Daughter.  Baby's first sponge bath.

Her blood sugar was a little low so she got a quick snack.

Then her first burp.  She's got a good grip on things.

Her first nose pick.  Sasha will love that picture.

Snuggles and kisses from Daddy.

Then it's off to dream land.

Holly gets wheeled into the baby aquarium after post-op to see Anika for the first time all cleaned up.

She's still asleep.  What a lazy baby.

She's actually very calm and quiet.  She never cried or fussed at all while I was there today.  (Even when she was getting shots!)

She's just a snuggly sweet perfectly happy baby girl!

Especially when Mommy's cuddling her.

Well that's it for today.  Holly finally gets to eat and I gotta run home to post these pictures.


The First Video Clip of Anika
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