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Anika will be mad at me for waiting 6 months to post these pictures.  Hopefully she won't find out about it too soon.

These were the first 2 pictures of baby Anika.  Taken on January 3rd, 2008.  Hello sweetie baby!

This next set was taken a week later on January 10th.  Here she is trying to get that thumb in her mouth.

And here she is succeeding.  Great job Anika!  We are very proud of you!

This picture on the left is my first favorite picture of Anika.  

This last one is a big smile in profile.  Who's a happy baby?  You are!

This last set was taken on February 28th.


Look at her cute tiny little skull and ribs.


We can't wait to hold you little Anika.  We'll see you in another week baby girl.

On May 22nd there was another set of pictures taken but Anika was uncooperative.  
She was face down on her stomach so we just got a few shots of her baby bottom.

There may be one more set in the next week.  If so, I will post them here.  (Unless they're all rump pictures again!)


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