Sasha's First "Real" Vacation  

(Sorry Michigan, You're Never Really a " Vacation ")

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 Our crippled car barely made it to Augusta, Georgia so the trip was off to a bad start.


But they still have Cheerios in the Olde South so all was well the next morning.

Gulf Shores Alabama, where the skies are so blue...Gulf Shores Alabama, we are comin' down to you!
The first thing we did when we got to Gulf Shores was eat a big ol basket of fried shrimp, a local custom we were told.

Then we got to Grandma & Grandpa's swanky condo.


Grandma bought toys for Sasha so we could ignore her for long periods of time without feeling guilty..

The next morning it was all Lucky Charms and strawberries!


Sasha demonstrates her berry-biting method.

Cindy Lou Who, who was now three, not two, ate one more berry before she was through.


Seeing that Grandpa and I were laughing while reading my new Chris Elliott book, "Into Hot Air", 
Sasha thought it would be funny to read a few passages aloud.

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  1. FunnyBook 01

  2. FunnyBook 02


Dora fruit treats.  Grandma knows what Sasha likes.

Grandpa, Holly and Sasha puzzle over a puzzle.


Grandma & Sasha play Littlest Pet Shop while Grandpa reads more of Alan's book.

Out on the porch the next morning the day breaks.


It's another calm sunny day on the Gulf.


A good day for relaxin'


Uh-Oh....  We relaxed the whole day away!

Well, it was a beautiful sunset too!

A night night story with Mommy and then it's off to bed.
Sasha was often first one up each morning so she would get coffee started and then head out to the porch to read the morning papers.


Later in the day Mommy and Grandma take Sasha out for Coffee...

...and Ice Cream sundaes for everyone!

Then it's over to the playground!

Tubes for climbing

Tubes for sliding!  And sand as far as the eye can see!

Even Sasha's little piggy likes the sand.


Thinking back on the afternoon, Sasha decides it was FUN!

The next morning while scanning the beach for bikini babes, Pompa catches sight of a little mermaid in her pajamas!

He keeps an eye on her until she runs back in the condo, then gets back to the business of Official Beach Club Bikini Inspector.

Sasha says bye bye to Grandpa and daddy before they head out for the day.

To the National Museum of Naval Aviation.  
Our tour guide was a cool old guy who had practically lived through the entire history of aviation so his tour was fascinating.


Alan H. Wiseman.....American


 While Dad posed with some decommissioned Blue Angel planes Alan who was pretending to fly one at the time, 
was drafted into service to perform the famous Delta Formation after the sixth pilot chickened out during practice that day.

Later that night at Jimmy Buffet's sister's restaurant, Sasha tried to master the ring toss game.

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  1. LuLu Buffet's Place

Grandma looked on with pride...

...until Sasha cheated by walking up when no one was looking and stuck the ring on the hook.  
Then we all just pretended like we didn't know her.

In the South you can get pretty much anything with a side of Mac-N-Cheese.  Hurray!

Mommy and Sasha live it up at LuLu's.

The next day it's pool play.

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  1. Pool Jumper


A happy wet family.

Holly uses Sasha as a floatation device until she finds the floaty sticks behind her.

Grandpa wraps Sasha in a float and makes a little chair buoy.


Using the float for balance...


....Grandpa tosses Sasha high up into the air.


Sasha further demonstrates her deck jumping ability as Grandma, Grandpa and Mommy cheer her on.

On the third day we finally find out why the condo is free.  
We have all been forced to join a cult that believes that the elderly and children of the world should eat dinner at 4pm 
and have all the candy they want whenever they feel like it.  Sasha is pleased.

Dad takes Alan down to the tip of the cape to see the oil rigs.


There's rigs all over the place down here.  They dot the whole horizon.


Although I tried to explain "perspective," Dad insisted the oil rig in the distance here was just a few feet away and that he was huge.
Then he laughed and laughed and laughed until he finally scared away a few of the pelicans.


Sasha and Alan perform a "Trust" exercise at the 6th floor observation deck.  
Later Sasha takes a ride on one of the "old people toys."


Running and screaming down the Condo corridors is fun!  Everyone can appreciate that!


Sasha and Grandpa get swallered by gators at the Original Oyster House.


A goofy gator and a curmudgeonly crawdad.


A nice day gives us time to play on the beach.

Sasha and Grandpa build a few castles.

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  1. Sand Play


Sasha finally looks up hours later to see she's all alone, shrugs, and continues her castle building.

Grandpa takes in the sun and Alan captures some Year 4 DVD footage.


 We had a super fun time crashing your Condo vacation down in Gulf Shores Alabama.
Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!
We love you!


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