September so far.....

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A couple weeks ago Holly had a lot of school work so Sasha and I decided to go on a all day park tour.
We started with Nachos at the Fun Forrest in Chesapeake.

Here's a shot of Sasha on the shark in May of 2005 and again in September 2007.

She thinks she's cool now because she can climb up there by herself.
(She's not so cool when she has to call for Daddy to come help her get down.)


She can get down these slides on her own though.

She's a master of The Slide.


She's also getting big enough to walk the tires!
Here she is doing her John Cleese Ministry of Silly Walks impression.

Here we are at City View Park.  It's one of the new ones we discovered this year.


Virginia Beach is home to 208 city parks, encompassing over 4,000 acres, including neighborhood parks, community parks, district parks, and other open spaces.
Each park is unique and offers something for everyone, from wide open spaces to playgrounds, picnic shelters, and ballfields.

This park has lots of curly slides.

Sasha loves the curly slides! 


Next we decided to go to Hunt Club farm petting zoo.

Sasha seemed interested in (not scared of) the ponies.  
This Mommy pony was too big but her little baby named "Thunder" was just the right size!


Thunder was one of the littlest ponies I've ever seen.  And Sasha loved him!


Hi ho Thunder!  Away!

Sasha pointed out a little Rooster who walked around crowing at everybody.

Then she fed some chickens.

And chased around a black swan.


Sasha was upset that the bunnies were in cages and couldn't be pet.
When we got home she immediately called Amnesty International who unfortunately seemed unconcerned.

The tube slide and the tire swing helped keep the day moving.

Sasha's quite the climber.


And she can dangle pretty good too!

This trench slide was something new.  


Sasha liked the punk rock birds too!

Bye bye Farmer Hunt.  We're off to our next park.

We took a break at Red Wing Park to eat a fruit pie.


But Sasha was quick to get back out there and play.


This park had lots of friends too!  It was super fun!

Sasha was too tired to go on after that last park so the next morning we finished our park tour back at Sasha's Park.
She insisted that Daddy pull her in this wagon but then said the ride was too "bumpy"

So many parks, so little time.


Then back home for treats!

"Lets go find more parks Daddy!  There's still about 150 for us to discover in this city alone!"


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