Grandma & Grandpa's Fall Visit to Virginia Beach

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Sasha shows off her new playground at Red Wing Park


Grandma & Grandpa are impressed.  Her sliding has come a long way.


Time flies when you're sliding!

Or just sitting around pretending to be sliding.

When you come to the park on a school day you can be Queen of the Castle.

Nobody around to tell you when or how to slide.  Now that's living!

The next day we went to the Neptune Festival down at the beach.  Grandma & Grandpa has a great room right on the boardwalk.

We got there just in time to see the end of the big parade.

Sasha shows off her new dress and her cool shades.

First stop, a finger lickin' good Funnel cake!

Then off to see this year's sand castles.

I can appreciate the effort, but I'm not really into the "artistic" ones.

This second one was cool.  Check out how neat the castle that's being steam shoveled looks.

I love the second one here.   My favorites are the classic castles, especially if the have arches.

More "artsy" / message ones.

Then another super awesome castle.

This Neptune looks inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

And finally... some old folks - oh, wait!  That's Grandpa!

Back at the hotel room Sasha show off some of her festival swag.

And plays with Grandma's big comb.

Grandma bought Sasha a cool Hello Kitty sticker book!

The next day Grandma ties Sasha's dress and tries her ear rings on her. 

Sasha likes to wear Grandma's ear rings!


So mature looking!  Not you though Grandpa!

Sasha & Grandpa play with her Little People bus before it's time to go.

We also dress Grandpa up like a princess!

Grandpa & Sasha make for the cutest princesses in the land!

After dress up it's time for Grandma & Grandpa to catch their plane.

"We had a great visit Grandma!  Come see us again in the Spring!"

"We'll see you at Christmas Grandpa!  Thanks for playing with me!"


   Goodbye Grandma & Grandpa, we love you!


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