The Sasha K Gallery is a collection of photographs that are actually taken by Sasha.  Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans got Sasha her own camera for Christmas in 2006 and I will use this section to post some of her work.  

The camera that Sasha is using is a low-res Fisher Price digital camera with an internal memory chip that holds about 60 images.  Sasha loves playing with this and will usually fire off all 60 pictures in a single session.  I will select some of the images from each session to post here.  Because these are low resolution images to begin with, I will not be enhancing them.  I might brighten them from time to time if necessary but I want to try and keep the essence of Sasha's work intact. 

I will also not be adding captions unless the image requires some sort of explanation or if Sasha requests that a comment be added.

All images posted here will be completely the work of Sasha Kai.  We showed her how to use the camera but we don't tell her what to take pictures of, or how to frame her shots.  

The early pictures may have a lot of downward facing shots of the floor or her feet because she tends to get excited to see the image as it  appears on the LCD screen on the back of the camera and as a result lowers the camera too quickly to see her work.  We are trying to train her to shoot then wait a moment but she is slow at accepting this requirement.

I will try to post these pictures at least once a month.  Please Click the links Above to see the galleries.


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