October   2007   

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October started off with a trip to the zoo!

While Amy hosted Michelle's baby shower, Jason and Alan took Sasha, Emily and Sophia to the zoo.

Sasha enjoyed the "petting zoo" part of the zoo.


She likes the goats

Emily likes them too!

The "Animals with long necks" exhibit.


Sasha stretches her neck to "fit in."


At the spider web crawl the kids burned off more energy and time.


Which was a good thing, since we pretty much had an hour to kill before we could go home.


Sasha made her way around the web a few times.


It's tricky business.  Spiderman makes it look so easy!


Sasha finally tumbles off the web and we call it a day.

Sasha likes rolling around on the floor while Daddy pretends to step on her.


We call it "stomp the baby!"


Here's Sasha delaying our departure for school by "acting all cute-n-stuff."

On this day, after we discovered acorns at the park, we decided to have some fun.

We found 3 good acorns and brought them home.

Soon after, The Little Acorn family was born!


Mommy had papers to grade so Daddy took Sasha to the harvest festival.

This was the festival we went to last year with Grandma & Grandpa Fisher.

Riding the train with Daddy was fun but it was better with Grandma & Grandpa.


This year Sasha was brave enough to take a pony ride!

"Cinderella" was a good pony!

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  1. Pony Ride


This was Sasha's first "Full sized" Pony ride.

 She rode well.  Hurray for Sasha!

Next Sasha decided she needed to pilot a red helicopter.

It took her a while to get control of the stick.


But soon we were up and flying.

Next we got in line for the Ferris Wheel.


Way up here you get a good view of the front of the Harvest Days festival.

You get a pretty good view of everything actually.  And it's fun too!

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  1. Ferris Wheel

Sasha waves to "the little people" below.


We had a great time Ferris Wheelin'

Sasha has her first taste of cotton candy.

"This might be the greatest stuff in the world!"

Time for the hayride!

A quick circuit around the farm and then it's time for another cotton candy break.

A little drink to wash it down and then it's back to business.

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  1. Cotton Candy

"More goats to pet!  Baby ones!"

Sasha makes sure each one gets a little attention.

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  1. Goats!

And a few get second pets, just for good luck.

The hay pile was probably Sasha's favorite.

She would have spent hours here if she could have.

It's funny.  I forgot the festival was even going on this weekend.  
I was just bringing her here to see if she wanted to ride that little pony, Thunder, again and maybe pet the goats.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Hay

Sasha's been so anti-festival this year, I thought she would want to go home immediately.

But not this day.  We stayed here for hours and I pretty much had to drag her home at the end of the day.

Especially away from the straw pile.


She was pretty comfortable here.

I enticed her away with another dose of cotton candy and the promise of slides.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Slide

And bunnies!

Sasha got to hold and pet her first bunny!

That was a great Harvest festival.  We'll be going back for sure next year!


Holly & Alan finished off the month by going out on a rare date to see They Might be Giants in Norfolk.

It's funny.  They Might Be Giants have been my favorite band since they released their first song when I was a kid.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. They Might Be Giants (Warning!  This is a huge file.  Only for people interested in seeing 4 minutes of various They Might Be Giants songs.)

I assumed by now they would be selling out stadiums, but apparently they don't have quite the following down here.

It was cool to see them with only a couple 100 people.  We were able to just walk right up to the stage.

Well that was everything in October except for Halloween.

I'm sleepy now.  I have to save my energy.  I've got a week of non-stop trick or treating ahead of me.  Better rest up.

Bye bye!


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