All of November 

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You might think that we were still celebrating Halloween at the beginning of November...


But actually this was the costume that Sasha wore to the Premier of Bee Movie!


Here we are on our way in to see the movie.  Everyone there loved Sasha's costume.

(My little joke when we walked up to the ticket window was to ask for 2 adults and 1 child for "American Gangster.")

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  1. Bee Movie

 Hurray for Bee Movie!  Sasha loved it!

The next weekend, after Sasha and MaKenzie had a sleepover at our house, we went to the mall to ride the carousel.
Sasha got to ride "Lucy", her favorite horse.

Michelle made sure Sophia didn't get bucked.

And everyone got punching balloons after the ride.

The next weekend, wearing the same outfit, Sasha and Holly had "Mommy / Daughter Day" in Norfolk.

They went to go see Enchanted and have lunch at the mall.  Sasha gave me a flower before she left to remember her by.


Mommy Daughter Picture Time!

Sasha gets to ride one of the quarter cars with her Dalmatian Friend.


She loves gigantic cartoon dogs!


Then it was time to play on the old Giant Food playground.  Sasha hasn't been here in a while.


A little bit of tag with one of her "friends."


Then a tall frosty cup of lemonade.

Back home Sasha leafs through her favorite Toys R Us Christmas catalog.

Here's a Short Video of Sasha Making Her List
(It's a Large File.  It Will Take Time to Download.  
Also, Santa is gonna get Sasha the Jack-in-the-Box.)

The next weekend we were on our way to the Grand Illumination Parade in downtown Norfolk.  
Unfortunately a giant decorative boulder fell off the back of a landscaping truck and Daddy and 2 other guys crashed into it.

Luckily all we sustained was a blown out tire, a bent up rim and a re-allignment.  But we did miss the parade.  :(

By the end of the month, Thanksgiving was upon us.  We went next door to Mary and Steve's house for dinner.

It was yummy!

Then we came back to our house for desert, holiday crafts and a movie.


Sasha made Thanksgiving banners.


Hey!  What's going on here?

Turkey Feet!

After Thanksgiving, it's our tradition to set up the Christmas tree and decorate the house.

Sasha helps put up the tree.  
This year she was a big help because she could read the letters on the branches and bring them to Daddy when he asked for a specific letter!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving Sasha and Alan went to the Illumination Celebration at the Founder's Inn.

They had a singing Santa and a puppet show.


They had Irish dancers too!

The puppet show celebrated Christmas all around the world!

The cotton candy and popcorn was good too!


Santa sang songs while the puppets danced.


There were a lot of kids there to see the show.

Sasha had a great time clapping along and singing with Santa.

For a Finale, Frosty came out to do his song with Santa!

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  1. Frosty & Santa

There were Disney princesses in costume walking around the lobby.  Sasha insisted that she get her picture taken with Snow White.


This gingerbread house is where Santa's elves live.


We waited in line by the gingerbread house so Belly Buttons the Christmas clown could make Sasha a balloon kitty.

It was a pretty good kitty.  Thanks Belly Buttons!

While we waited for our carriage ride we ate a hot pretzel.


Sasha proves that she was actually eating the pretzel.

Finally the carriage arrived.  We were able to take our Princess ride like Cinderella!


It was a very fun ride that took us all around the hotel grounds.

M&M's kept Sasha "in line" to see Santa.

She found some friends and a tree to amuse herself while the line moved along.

Then she finally got to see "The Big Man" and make her formal request for a Jack-in-the-Box.


Then she met God's "Big Man" and he read us the Nativity Story.

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It was a fun time.  A really cool Christmas Festival that ended with all the lights of the hotel grounds being lit at the same time.

Back at home the next day it was finally time to end the Thanksgiving weekend by trimming the tree.


Sasha and Mommy were the Ornament Elves.

Or as Sasha called them, "The Vitamins"  (For some reason this year she confused the word "vitamins" for "ornaments.")

But she had no trouble deciding where the vitamins should be placed on the tree.


Daddy was the only one who could put the Tree Elf in his place.


Sasha finds a special place for each one.


Sasha made this ornament 2 years ago.  It's one of Daddy's favorites.

Sasha likes to group ornaments together and Mommy likes to disband the groups a few minutes later.

Sasha doesn't take criticism of her decorating technique very well.


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