Memorial Day Weekend

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Last weekend the Hospital had a Teddy Bear Day at the Zoo.  
All the kids got in free with their Teddy Bears and they took them around to different stations 
to have medical procedures demonstrated on the bears.
Here's the Zoo-Crew getting ready for the day!

 Sasha's usually afraid of people dressed up in costumes but I guess if they're giving out candy she will make an exception.


Baby Dylan looks on as Sasha and MaKenzie chase bubbles.


The hospital set up this whole big attraction for the kids, but it was the 20 dollar bubble machine that was the star of the show.

Sasha just couldn't get enough of it.  The kid loves bubbles!

The EMS crew works hard to keep Sasha's Teddy Bear on life support.


Here some hospital technicians apply a cast to Sasha's Teddy Bear's broken arm.
Sasha looks on with the concern of a Mommy Teddy Bear.


She then looks at her bear's X-Ray.  The Doctor says the bear will make a full recovery.  Yeah!


A lot of the big habitats at the zoo were closed today (what a jip!) but we did see a baboon and a bongo.


The Ostrich looks on as Sasha and her pals eat some Dippin Dots.  The Ice Cream of the Future!


Over at Pride Rock, we stared down this Lioness for a while.


The kids were really excited to get their pictures taken here on the butterfly bench.
Don't they look thrilled!?


The girls try to find the ever elusive butterflies of the Butterfly Garden.


Sasha thought she saw one but it was just Michelle and MaKenzie hiding in the flowers.

Here's a "Before" shot prior to today's big 2nd Haircut.

Sasha's a lot better at getting her haircut this year.


She knows how to sit still and follow directions from her stylist.


We trimmed it up and evened it out for summer.

And the "After" shots show the results.  What a cutie!

As a reward, for being so good and cute, we bought her a new swimming pool.

This nice canopy will keep the sun off her.

It was a little hot today.

The next day we went to the beach but Alan forgot to bring the camera.  Oops! 


That night Sasha went to her second big concert at the beach to see The Smithereens!

Her first big concert was right after she turned 1 and went to see the Violent Femmes.

It was after 11pm by the time they were wrapping up their set.  Sasha was tired but had found a comfortable spot on my lap.


We ran up to the front when they played our favorite song for the encore.

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Warning!  These Clips are kinda long (Only Smithereens fans will probably care to see them)

  1. Smithereens 01

  2. Smithereens 02

The neighbors had a Barbeque on Monday and Sasha was excited to get there so she could play with all the kids.

We ended up having them come over here for a while to play in Sasha's Super Fun Happy Land (aka Our Backyard)


After a long holiday weekend of bouncing, beach, concerts and fun.....


Sasha slept well.

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Warning!  This is a really long clip of Sasha marching around the house singing the "Following the Leader" song from Peter Pan.

  1. "Following the Leader" Song


Coming Soon!  

For anyone looking forward to the Sasha Kai: Year 3 DVD, the release date will most likely be mid-July. 


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